Thursday, June 25, 2015

Full: Landscaping part 5: Decor

Rocking Chairs: I did a whole post about them back a few weeks ago.

Basketball Hoop: Ever since my hubby was a kid he has loved basketball.  Coming from a cute little 5ft 10 in kid his dream lives in a back yard.  So for an early birthday present we got this baby!

We decided to install it our self's.  Which required a 4 ft deep hole by 24in x 24 in and 21 bags 60 lbs of concrete.  It was an experience for sure! Not one I ever want to repeat but so happy to have it!!

Kids House: Ewan's 2nd Birthday Present
Last fall Ewan turned 2! He LOVES to be outside so my sister in law helped me find this cute little play house.  As much as I don't really care about gender spicific stuff, I thought it would be fun for him to have a house that matches mom and dads.  However Liam put the input in for the Red Door!
The paint has NOT held up well, but the boys dont seem to mind.


Patio from back porch

Patio from back porch angle 2

Garden with mulch

Garden with mulch

Mothers day Japaneses Maple

Back property Line

Back of house, plants need to grow a bit!

Front with mulch!

Money Breakdown
Tiki Torches: (6) Brought from old house ($120), purchased 1 tiki 2 small and 1 table top ($35):  --$155
Rocking Chairs:  $176
Basket Ball Hoop: Mammoth $1060.00, Concrete  $60, other tools $40:  --1160.00
Kids House: Gift : Spray Paint: $100
Fire Pit: Already owned
Rock Flower beds & Weed Killer: $100
Hose Holders : 2@ $30-- $60
Hose's: 3 100 ft @ 30  1 50ft @ 20 --$110 
Landscape Lights 5 @ $1.50 $10
Back Patio furniture Already owned
Patio Box; Clearance at HD during the winter: $40 
Mulch: $50

All things done: Out of pocket Aprox $2,000
Running Total:  $11,068.00
---Landscaping:  $8,040.00
---Plants and Flowers: $550.00
---Garden : $378.00
---Drip Sprinkler: $100
---Decor:             $2,000

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