Monday, June 1, 2015

Outdoor table

We live in a very Windy City. I had no idea it would be so bad. People warned me, but I though. Meh I've delt with wind before. What's the big deal!
Our first BIG wind storm was a few weeks after we moved in. There was no real problems more just stories.
Our bbq with a full propane tank moved about 20ft across the yard and got tipped over. Our patio furniture was a over ours and our next door neighbors yard.  The patio coushins were skatered around the neighborhood and our beautiful table was fine, but the glass was shattered all over our yard! 

Months later we still had no table top! :( I kept thinking about getting glass cut, then maybe plexi glass. But we just never really wanted to spend another $20-$40 when we knew the wind would most likely take it again.

After some ideas on Pinterest. I decided to do a diy wood one.
Saturday was hh birthday and he got some totally awesome tiki's. However they are not strong enough to with hold our wind so I was thinkin maybe I'd take them back.

Yesterday was our first feeling of "summer" day. It was over 90degrees (I love the heat!) so I went to work

I decided to NOT go to the hardware store.....even though I really wanted to.  So I used some scrap wood and spray paint.

I decided to keep the tiki and screw them into the new table top!!!

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