Monday, June 29, 2015

Healthy Week! UHC: Ultimate Health Challenge

I have decided for the "WAIT NO MORE" challenge this week, I'm going to adjust it to fit what I really need.  For me right now that is food and heath! So this week i'm gonna dedicate it to that!

I AM NOT A HEALTH NUT!!! Not at all!! I love sugar cereal, mac and cheese, and a good ol' fashioned full fat Hamburger with french fries.   However, that doesn't mean I don't try to be healthy. Every year I think as a new year resolution.  I want to be healthier!  I have never been overweight, but that doesn't mean that I eat well or exercise enough!
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My amazing sister had this challenge that one of her colleges started.  It;s called The Ultimate Health Challenge!  It is 10 weeks of focusing on a few highlights of health.  My sis has always been a great inspiration about how to eat and how to live a healthy life.  She now has shared her knowledge and this week I want to share all about it and other healthy living things I like to look into.
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This is prob no big SHOCK to anyone there are certain things we all can do to be healthier.  We all know them, I love studying money for the same reason.
Health: Eat well and exercise. Money: spend less then you make!  

Challenge has a total of 100 eligible points each week for following categories
Exercise: 35 points 
  • 1 pt for 15 min of exercise up to 20 pts. 
  • 1 pt for 30 min of exercise up to 5 more.  
  • 5 pts for mix of 30 min cardio, 30 min Strength and 30 min flexibility.  
  • 5 pts for exercising at least 3x this week

Water: 7 points 
  • 1 pt each day for drinking 40% of body weight.

Sleep: 14 points
  • 1 pt for min of 7 hr of sleep each night
  • 1 pt for going to bed before 11 on weeknights and 12 on weekends

Healthy Eating:  40 points
  • 5 pts per day for servings of fruits and veggies
  • 2 bonus points for having 2 fruits and 2 veggies mix. 
  • 3 bonus points for having different types of fruits and veggies. 

Personal Goal: 4 points 
  • any goal you pick 
    • week 1: take pills every day 
    • week 2: Eat Breakfast
    • week 3: work motivation  
    • week 4: Green smoothie (I'll post about that this week too))

Negative Points: max -25 per day
  • -1 Small Sweet
  • -1 Small Fat
  • -3 Empty calorie soft drink/caffeine
  • -4 Large Sweet
  • -5 Large Fat

My sis got a bunch of us together to make this happen and we are now starting week 5.  So far my scores have been the following. 
Week 1: 43 
Week 2: 66 
Week 3: 67 
Week 4: 51
My goal for this challenge is just to get better each week! It didn't happen this last week, but this week I will recover! 
I don't own a scale, so I have been weighing myself each week when I take my Liam to swimming lessons.  I know at the start of April I was at 149 lbs.  Now starting week 5 I'm down to 144lbs.  Not a huge transformation.  But I'm good with a lb a week for not doing much different other then being aware of what I should be doing. 

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