Sunday, May 1, 2016

Adding color

I'm a regular old girl who likes to watch me some good ol'HGTV however with our fancy rabbit ears (aka antenna in our atic) we don't have that option. Thankfully Netflix has be covered!!! I've been watching it from time to time and we were hosting Easter dinner I wanted something different.
After the Easter bunny had picked out stuff for the boys mommy went shopping at home goods. I have always planned to have our very neutral pallet with adding in some green, however the pillows I found just weren't right. I found these adorable ones with buttons. They had them in red and blue, but as luck would have it the red ones were missing a button and they won't sell "damaged" items so blue it was. I was thinking 2 would be enough but then I found this one. This pattern is SUPER bold for me, but I liked it!!! So I thought I'd take them home put them on the couch see what the hubby said, and prob bring them all back a few days later.
I took them home, cleaned up the room, decorated for Easter and put the pillows on the couch. 
Very nervous, I asked the hubby. "I don't like sitting on buttons" I took that as "not bad I just will turn them around when I sit on it!!" For me that was a WIN!!!
He likes ones that serve more of a purpose then just color. Ie the current brown ones are used as a placemat, TV tray and hot pad for him eating in the family room. So my blue ones don't fit that bill, however in the last 24 hr he hasn't complained once!!!! I'm keeping them!!!

I am not good at decor and I don't use much that I have bough, normally my mother in law helps me out in that department, but I love it!!!! 
What do you think??

Don't mind the Easter eggs. The Easter bunny had come and the boys weren't hunting for eggs yet.
Old brown with the new blue!!! The blue gets turned around when hubby sits down but I'm still lovin the buttons!!!!
This chair is my baby. Chris fought me like crazy when my mother in law wanted to give it to me. I wanted it and he did not. He has come around so I added my blanket to add some more festive coloring.

Growing up bedroom

I've Kind of been out of the blogging way  lately not really on purpose just happened that way thanks to tax season being done I feel like I'm starting to get my life back with that I also have a new promotion at work which means I am super super super busy and happy as can be.
As always I have a lots of little projects in my brain trying to figure out what I want to do and how I want to get there.  I haven't yet posted much about our flooded basements still a very sore subject and my heart will get there but it's gonna cost us more to be able to make sure that our space that safe from water are we live in a desert we shouldn't have this kind of problem!!! Aside from that my mom and dad of been living out of state for a while and their house is in need of some little TLC gratefully my mother has decided to allow me to help with this project for me it's totally exciting for her it's a little bit scary!!!!
About two years ago at Christmas my dad mentioned that he wanted new flooring in the bathrooms from there I snowballed out-of-control I have a board on Pinterest of renovating their bathrooms kitchen and the rest of the house while we're at it!!  This week I get to go imbarkon adventure of figuring out some additions to their beautiful back bedroom, this was the room I lived in when I was growing up.  Mom hasn't given me a lot of direction as to what she wants in the room however right now there's a rocking chair and she'd like it to be more the reading room I have 1 million ideas going around in my mind and I can't wait to get started I will post pictures soon of their project starts and I hope fits with what they allowed me to do growing up in that room can be remedied by what we do now so the room will be all for my mommy