Monday, August 11, 2014

Pintrest: Basement

I love to orginize! Really it should be an illness treated by millions of plastic little boxes!
Ever since I was little I can remember getting rubber made containers for my birthday and Christmas. Some girls love shoes and purses well I love those and boxes!
When we bought our townhouse the most amazing thing about it really was the amazing storage room!
I loved it when I found that Costco boxes fit perfect on the premade shelfs! I love them!!! 
Now that we have a beautiful new home with no premade shelfs I'm on a mission! 

Under our porch is my place to work my magic!!! Or so I think!
We have a large space and I have some fun ideas! 
The plan is to the left will be a nice little wine cellar. We are still working out the details, but I have some good ones. Then to the right is MINE!! The goal here is to have everything we want stored, in this area!
That includes holidays, decore and some food storage (the food might be mixed in with the wine, we will see! 
Here are some of my ideas!!

Monday, August 4, 2014


I am a numbers person! As some would say. I am the nerd in the family! I have my BS degree in finance and I work in that industry.
This makes it both my blessing and my curse. 
Im all about honesty, so I'll keep this real. 
This is our dream house!!! No question about it. However that does not mean it doesn't come with its own set of stresses.
This mortgage will be about double what our last one was, and we have more utilities this time around.
Being the nerd means I get excited and terrified as the house continues to become more livable. 

Chris and I both work full time, and that is the right thing for us. I have many friends and people I blog stock that are SAHM or WAHM I am neither of those. I am a working mom and I LOVE it!!!

Our budget is alittle less >tight< then others, however we do have the challenge of daycare, long nights and EXHAUSTED parents!!! It is amazing how nice a drive through burger sounds after a 10 hr work day + 2 hr OT and a limited 30 min lunch, and a round trip commute of about 2 hours with 9 hr left in the day, including sleep cooking is NOT high on the priority list.... 
But, eating out is EXPENSIVE!!!! 
This month is my go for it, gung hoe we need to save more money!!!! We need to be prepped and ready for our new mortgage!!