Sunday, December 20, 2015


My brain is always full of fun and exciting ideas for our home. And even though its Christmas time it doesn't stop my imagination.
Sadly my most recent ideas are not sparked out of fun, they are out of  :( GRRR ARG necessity!

We have been super lucky so far in our house, no real issues just little things here and there... Until now :(
WE have a LEAK!! We've had some issues with the down spouts in  the past but NOW its hard core! IE Standing water in the window well, which leads to water in the basement.

Today is the day that something had to be done, with me sitting at work and TOTALLY useless I sit and plan out a mood board for our one day finished basement!
My poor hubby wife gets stressed and PLANS out rooms! :D


Wednesday, December 2, 2015's Christmas time!

I keep thinking I'm gonna get better at blogging then I don't!! 
So much has been going on I have a million things to blog about but it all seems so boring!! 
I'm putting myself to the fire and will try my best to get back into it!! I have been doing projects around the house and with Christmas just around the corner I want to share my home and ideas!!

This year "Santa" was not in the mood for Christmas. A great friend at work put up his usb Christmas tree the day after Halloween. I fought it for a day and then surrendered!!! I have a hard time getting into the spirt so thought the extra month with lights might help!!

I carried on and got my Christmas lists written and Amazon carts ready!! 

Now it is officially Christmas time and my shopping is done. The house is decorated, and now it's time to enjoy the season!!!

I try not to be too much of s trend follower, however I love having the elf come to visit and move around every night. He doesn't really go to the North Pole to report to Santa. He is just another spirt of Christmas in our home!!