Thursday, April 23, 2015

We have grass

April 22

Our landscaper let us know on Monday (20) that our grass would be coming on Thursday (23).  And of course as luck would have it, it was supposed to RAIN :(  We never get rain and now all of a sudden its like the sky is falling! :D
Chris has Wednesdays off from work and round 10 am I received this photo!
I WAS ECSTATIC!!! I wanted to leave work right then to go see my PRETTY GRASS!!!

A few hours later, they were still sitting there :( I started to get worried.
-we opted to hire them to lay it since the total cost for that would be about $200. Between my bum knee and hubbies allergies it was money that would be WELL spent!

and before I knew it Chris sent me this photo!


Then it was time for my amazing hubby to play with his new TOY!

(pic courtesy of apple website) 

and the BACK YARD!!

Somehow we forgot to get a finished pic of the back yard but I promise to post them soon!!

I WAS SO HAPPY TO COME HOME and see my beautiful house becoming a home on the outside too!!

Because I like to work, I worked with Chris and we added two more strips of grass on the East side of the house.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


It's tax day!!! Yeah!! This oddly enough is a happy day for me..... Other then it looks like this outside!!!

We were originally getting our secondary water turned on today then grass this week..... The weather had a different idea!

Here in the desert of Utah we need the water like no body's business..... However I was so excited for grass.

We have a cute little girl at our house and love to.. Yes put puppy prints all over my nice and clean wood floor! 

Hopefully I'll have an update soon of our yard... But until then, I'll be snuggled by the fire!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


After thinking and talking for a bit about sprinklers I got a basic bid for ourselves!

Our builder has some rocks he told us we could buy from him for our very slanted  front yard and had planned to rent a skid loader to put them in place. 

We decide to get some bids to get a cost on install of sprinklers.

Bid 1: reference from friend $7,200
Bid 2: well reviewed/reference from supplier $6,800
Bid 3: us w/o labor 6,025

We loved the guy with bid #2. And he also could put in our gate for the west side of our house for about 1k!

We have signed on the dotted line and paid for the first half!