Monday, February 23, 2015


Utah normally has a rather cold and mostly dry winter. We normally have a hand full of snow storms and a ton of inversion.
This year utah missed the memo that it was winter. So far we have received 2 snow storms and only had to shovel our drive way twice. "Knock on wood, it is sill only April!" 
Sadly back east they have been hammered with snow... And we don't have much water for the year.... However all that aside it has made some interesting events for us in our new home!!
We have our whole house surrounded by dirt.... With 2 little boys and a pup they love the dirt... And their favorite part is to play and being some inside! :)

We started the bidding processes to get our yard landscaped a few weeks ago!

Step 1: take a drawing to a local supply store for bid on materials!

After a week of waiting we heard back that peices alone were about $1700!
Then the project planning began!