Monday, October 13, 2014

Ashten's Abilities!

I have not always been an accident prone child.  Growing up I only broke 2 bones.
Collar bone (age 5)
Arm (age 11)

Not too bad RIGHT?
Well the past few months and I have NOT been good to me.
Just before the house was done I had a mis-hap
Item 1: LONG story short, our car died and we had to get a jump before we drove home from the new house.  The car died again on the off ramp... THEN we went to push it.  We started pushing, Chris hoped in the driver side to drive and I hoped on to the side of the car... well I fell off :S
Gratefully there was a car full of girls that stopped picked me up and kept me from being run over.
My ankle (left) got hurt and I scraped my knee (right).  Other then that it was just scary.  After a few days I was back to normal, with just some pain.

Item 2: SUPER long story SHORT. I was painting the wood around my parents garage.  I was standing on a bar stool. I fell off said bar stool straight on to my knee (right). I had a whole pint of paint in my hand that went all over the driveway, and it hurt A LOT.

This time I thought I would be fine. We live about an hour away from my parents house.  By the time we got closer to home, I thought we might want to go by the hospital.  I wasn't sure though, I really didn't want to waste time or MONEY!

Chris vetoed my "not" side and took me to the hospital.  They took x-rays of both last weeks ankle and this weeks knee. NOTHING was broken.  They gave me a leg brace for my knee and crutches.

It hurt and was NOT FUN!!!

I would post the awesome pics, but they are kinda gruesome so I won't.