Friday, September 12, 2014

Moving In!

Closing on a house is a VERY stressful time.  We were supposed to close on Wed. Sept 3, but due to some timing things we didnt get to close until Thurs Sept 4. Which really wouldn't be that big of a deal... EXCEPT we hired the movers to move us on Thursday, so we had to reschedule it to Saturday!

We both had thursday off from work so we started loading everything into Dan's trailer and got almost everything ready to take to the house.  We took it over and unloaded everything on Friday and were ready for the movers on Sat.

The movers were LATE as always, but only about 30 min so not TOO BAD. :P common people show up on time!  That being said I loved our movers.  They always work hard and get whats needed done.  We had 2 trucks and its sad how much stuff we have accumulated over the last 10 years.  Dan decided he was tired of the pool table taking over his basement so he said  if the movers move it, it can be ours.  It was a PAIN in the A** to move, but it will be really fun once we get the basement finished.

After a very long day we finally had moved in.

I AM SO GRATEFUL TO HAVE 4 WALLS!!!!!!!!!! They are All mine!!