Sunday, March 20, 2016


I thought I had already posted this once, however because I'm accident waiting (already) happened. So I'll try again!!!!
It's finally warm enough to start my spring garden!!!
We had to pull up our other boxes since we got a fence installed. We really wanted to get our pavers in this year. However we decided to take the boys to Disneyland and the yard might have to wait another year!!!! 
100% right choice!!!!
So I still have the two boxes I built theat are up next to the house so I was excited when I was driving home from the grocery store to see my favorite local nursery was open!! 
Utah is really good at pretending it is spring then snowing a few more times.  Anything that will die with a freeze shouldn't be planted until at least Mother's Day or as late as Memorial Day!  I started our garden alittle too late last year for spring plants to make a showing so this year I got them!!!!! 
Box one! 
green lettuce, 2 varieties of red lettuce, spinach, arugula and the "empty" spot is filled with carrot seeds.  I planted them last year and I didn't do so hot, however a great learning experance! 

Box 2
Here I have sweet peas, two varieties of onions and garlic. There is still a good part of this box that is empty, which is where I will plant Chris' hot peppers once it warms up alittle more.

We always had strawberry plants growing up, they spread like wildfire however I got one little plant and am hopeful it will be the perfect little addition to my back yard flower beds!! 
Also the best gift I could have hoped for coming home from sunny California was this!!
See all those beautiful daffodils!!! I planted the bulbs last fall and was quite worried they wouldn't come up, however I'm in heaven!!!! The tulips are starting as well so this backyard bed should be blooming even more in the coming weeks. Then hopefully my front yard will be about ready to bloom too. (It's very shaded by the house) 

I love this time of year!!!!!!