Tuesday, June 23, 2015


I know it is NO SHOCK, but i kinda gave up a BIT.  I was gonna work on my linen closet this week, which still looks SO BAD!!! Yep here's the truth pic.... 

However that was not my necessary project that needed to be done. After last weeks laundry room, I realized how badly I needed a place for my kids. Honey We're Home
My sweet 7 yr old goes to daycare each day and they have fun projects each day but he needs alittle motivation sometimes to get up and going. 

I started with these two pages of what we are doing and what projects we are making happen. 

Then I went through the daycare list and put what he is doing each day.
I had some left over frames that I had some old papers in and decided they should be put to work.  
I would love to add more color to this corner of my house, but im not sure how to do that and keep it looking classic, since you can see it pretty much right when you walk in the door.

On the left below the coat rack you can see a list there too, it is a weekly breakdown of what happens each day. And just because we have some summer coats for the boys and my hat!

Not a HUGE transformation but such a great thing for my little 7 yr old to get up HAPPY! 

We have also started a fun school project as well to get some learning in his summer days that I cant wait to share. 

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