Thursday, June 18, 2015

Full: Landscaping part 4: Drip Sprinklers

Our landscaper did an amazing job with our sprinklers,  he installed a drip system around our house as well, in our flower beds.  The back flower bed against the fence was a dripper hose with a hole every 12 in.  However the rest were just a dropper pipe coming up out of the ground and I wanted to make it the way I wanted to! :D

Greatfully we did this in our last house and had alittle experience, so I kinda knew what I was doing.

Back track just a bit.  Chris installed our sprinkler system
Image result for sprinkler apple rachio

Which made the process quite easy, since I could stand in the flower bed and turn on the sprinkler to make sure it was working well. 
I got one of these and it was a perfect starting point.  I started in the front flower bed.  I really wanted to use these cute little sprayers 

However they  put off between 0-15 gph and were way too powerful :( So I changed to drip lines and tips. 

I installed between .5-2 gph dripper for each plant or area directly from 1/2 in pipe using my handy dandy punch. 
DIGDeluxe Hole Punch
I added soker hose to the garden and a few other places where I felt it was needed.

Money Breakdown
Sprinkler Main lines and 1/2 pipe and barbs: Included in landscaping cost
Rainbird starter bucket: $25
Punch: $10
Mis drippers, sprayers : $25 (some were unused but still kept)
Soaker hose : x2 $15 
extra stakes for hose: $10

All things done: Out of pocket $100

Running Total:  $9,068.00
---Landscaping:  $8,040.00
---Plants and Flowers: $550.00
---Garden : $378.00
---Drip Sprinkler: $100

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