Monday, June 15, 2015

Full: Landscaping part 1: Landscaper

IT'S YARD WEEK!!! We have finished all we can afford for 2015 but wanted to share all the nitty gritty details! 

This spring we have spent the whole time working on our yard. You can see the first few steps thought, Planning, Bidding, Grass!!!???, We have Grass, and Garden.  However today I want to go over what we have, and what we still plan to do this year.  As well as a full cost break down. Please forgive me in advance this will be a SUPER LONG POST!

Full Disclosure: This is our forever house so we have chosen to do somethings "done right" expensive.  Just to make sure we can maximize every $ so we don't have to fix it over and over! 

This was our planning page. The green is grass and the yellow is drip system flower beds and Garden.

As always things don't always work out like we all want, but this was our landscapers FINAL break down.
Gate 2 5ft gates tan: $1,000
Edging; Curbing, stamped and colored: $570
Grading and Dirt: $1,125
Front Rocks: $550
Sprinklers: $3,100
Downspouts: $120
Grass, 2,500 sq feet Installed: $1,125
Extra load of top soil 4 tons: $125
Load of rocks 4 tons: $325

Welcome to buying a new house! 

I had planned about 10k to do the whole yard.  However have quickly learned. That's just not enough! 
Anyone else start a project that ended up being WAY more expensive then planned?

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