Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Healthy Week! Green Smoothie

Fad, obsession, beneficial? Who Knows? 

With the UHC I need to eat at least 2 veggies each day. The fruits for me are super easy, and I am really good with eating salads. However I wanted to try something alittle different.  Many of my colleagues have "green smoothie's" each day so I thought for my personal goal for week 4 to try it out.  
I normally am a slacker when it comes to making breakfast, between waking up 2 boys getting them dressed and ready food is down on the priority list.  Even more considering they eat when they get to daycare.  Week 3, I ate everyday, but many of those days I would buy breakfast at work. WHICH is super yummy, but the $$ adds up quickly. 
Before I really do much of anything though.,. I like to research. I know fruits and veggies are good for me, however I also know that eating an orange is MUCH better then drinking a cup of orange juice; so I just wanted to get some other opinions. 

  • Drinking green smoothies is a good way to get nutrients, stay hydrated
  • The beverages have stirred a few health concerns
  • Nutritionist: Eat a variety of green and other veggies

Why you are not losing weight with green smoothies
  • Watch out for hidden calories, especially in foods that we don't typically count as meals. 
  • Exercise boosts your energy while toning muscle.  This burns extra calories and sets your body into fat-burning mode.  Sure, weight loss is partly (maybe mostly) diet, but exercise is also super-critical to shedding the pounds of getting to a healthy weight.
  • Do not do any of these things. Do not do a green smoothie-only diet. Do not skip meals. Do not become a slave to the guy. 
After reading all that I felt pretty good with my idea!  I don't know how long I will continue to do this, but for now each night I make the next mornings green smoothie and at least I get something in my body other then just coffee AND I get points for the UHC. 

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