Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Taysom School

Being the youngest of three meant that EVERYONE got to go to school BUT me!!  :'(
My amazing mother noticed this and did something at home special for me. She called it Taysom School! I have no idea what we ever did. I remember mom talking about that we used to do field trips. I have no memory really of that, but I did remember "Taysom School"

I few days ago when driving home with the boys from daycare I got thinking. Summers are LONG and if I'm not careful we are all gonna forget what we learned in school.
Liams wonderful 1st grade teacher sent him home for the year with math flash cards and books for his reading level. 
I told Liam I would like to do school just like I had from "grandma Connie" (my sweet mother). Liam idolizes her so I knew that would strike a good cord with him. 
He decided we would have school on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 
I put ewan to bed alittle early and Liam and I got to work. 
We started with flash cards. Those were a bit of a struggle, so I'm gonna look into some fun ideas to do with that. I know Pintrest will deliver.
And yes as ALWAYS!!! I found this site which I love and will use this to help out this summer as well. 
We read one of his books. Practiced handwriting and I ended with starting a new book for my little man. 
The lightening thief 

He wanted to draw a picture and I couldn't be prouder! 

It's amazing how fast he is growing, however I can't wait to see what I can learn to help him prep for 2nd grade!!!

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