Thursday, June 11, 2015

"Wait no more" laundry room

I was determined when we moved into this house we would not have a junk drawer.  So far we STILL DON'T have one!! :D YEAH!! However, we have a dump counter! :( 

Ready for FULL disclosure! This is my before laundry room.  Not PRETTY!!
however not HORRIBLE either.. if you just ignore the counter. 
This is what it looks like from the door way.  You can see it is quite simple but there is a counter there which is our dump zone. 
You can see that in theory I have a good little organizing box thing from Ikea, However it is NOT being used as it should. 

This is space 1 of the iheartorganizing challenge. I started by clearing off the whole counter.  You always have to move the mess before you can clean it.  This is where hubby keeps his keys and wallet so his "charging" station has to stay put, however everything else needs a new home.  

This is my long term mod board for this room, HOWEVER we don't have the money to fix it up the way I want. 

Until then I will be very happy with a cleaned off and organized area

I know that this is far too much of an area not to get covered with crap. :( so I'm trying to think of better ideas. So far I've got a cute little basket to had for a little space and the wall baskets need alittle help to make sure they are labeled more appropriately.
However this is my first of many "wait no more"! 


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