Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Full: Landscaping part 2 : Plants and Flowers

Between all the fun with the landscaper and the costs there, we still had LOTS to do on our own.
I used landscaping fabric from Costco to lay at the base of the front flower bed and the back along the fence. For the back along the fence I used PINTREST to save me some $$$.  My mother in law has a BEAUTIFUL yard and she allowed me to take some of the bulbs from her day lily's and hostas, I was nervous at first but so far they have worked out.

However, that was not the end.  I have wanted a BEAUTIFUL Japaneses maple for a long time, and just before we sold our townhouse we got one, but left it with the house. I looked for a long time to find the PERFECT tree and landed on a Coral Bark Maple. It has beautiful color year round. 

Those are some Professional Pics!

THIS IS MINE!!!!!!!!
She is small and still has alot of growth to make her strong but her name is LEAFY! Liam helped me name her!

I tried to keep things as cost effective as possible so I bought a bunch of bulbs.  They are perennial and they sell for about $8 for a large bag. Everything I purchased are summer blooming. 
Image result for flower bulbsImage result for summer flower bulbs Image result for summer flower bulbs

Plants are anything BUT CHEAP!!!  We have some beautiful nursery's around our home so we took advantage of what they have.  I was NOT smart with this part, there was little to NO budget on this so I just kept getting stuff and it added up far faster then I would have liked. 
I love snap dragons and ALWAYS try to get alot of them each year just to bring some fun color to my yard.  I also decided to put above the rocks an annual flower bed so I have alittle to work on each year, but not the whole yard. 

By the time I got to the back yard garden, I'd run out of money :(  and I had purchased WAY too many annuals so I have 2 peony bushes and annuals between.  (the end has raspberry buses, I'll include those with my garden post tomorrow.)

Money Breakdown
Landscape Fabric: 1 large roll: $15
Top Soil: included in landscape costs
Back flower bed against fence: Transplanted from in-laws yard, 1 perennial grass: $15
Back house flower bed: 2 peony bushes: $30
Front Flower beds: 4 bags of bulbs $40
Japaneses coral bark Maple Tree: $50
Lilac tree (mothers day present from Hubby): $100
Small red Japanese maple (mothers day present from inlaws): FREE  (would have cost about $50) 
Grasses, Annuals and miscellaneous other flowers:  $230
Bags of Mulch: 7 @ 10 each: $70

All things done: Out of pocket $550

Running Total:  $8,590.00
---Landscaping:  $8,040.00
---Plants and Flowers: $550.00

May not sound like alot, but when I didn't budget for it and spent it, it added up QUICKLY! 

Anyone else forget to budget and went alittle crazy in the yard?

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