Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My day job!

I have a real life day job. That is not being a sahm! Don't get me wrong...I totally respect those of you who are, but being a working mom adds a WHOLE other element!
Yesterday, however was a wonderful day to be an employee where I work! 
Before now I worked in the public sector. Anything and everything we did was under a constant microscope.  I was in management, and regardless it was a tough job!
My "new" private sector job is tough too. However I'm no longer in management, and the company cares a lot about their employees! 
Any job is still a job but the opportunity that my current company has makes all the difference!!
This was my view for a few hours!! It was perfect!
The next promotion I'm hoping for is hiring now, so I was able to get some good pointers from our management team!
There are days I wish I was home doing laundry and cleaning house. But this was a day I feel blessed to have a day job, where I get to work with amazing managers and customers!

Days like this make me realize that 8 yr for a BS degree was totally worth it!

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