Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Big boy bed!

May 25, 2015

I forgot to post this last week, but wanted to share this moment as a mom!

Last night was Ewans first success in his big boy bed. I am no expert when it comes to kids and I just follow my boys lead. For Liam's 2nd birthday we took off the side of his crib and he happily loved his big boy bed......with some catches. Since he was an only child we took one of the good ol baby grippers on the door and used packaging tape to keep him from escaping.
Ewan is jn no real rush for anything. Which with him being my baby, makes me totally happy with it.   However! Over the last 2 weeks ewan has been not wanting to sleep either at bed time or at nap time, and has successfully fallen out of his crib (3 times) and come to us crying and saying ohwee. Not ok for this little mama! I know my abilities of gettin hurt from nothing, I do NOT want my baby to follow in those footsteps. 

We bought a bunk bed on Craig's list about 4 months back. We had a friends girl staying with us a lot, and with our current set up, I wanted one. 
Ewan will show intrest and play in the bed, but after trying and him coming out a few times we put him to sleep in his crib. Over the past month, when given a choice he will pick the crib, but last night, after reading books and making sure all his toys are in his bed, he is just like his mom AND dad. Needs all his stuffed toys tucked in bed with him. 

We put him on the bottom bunk. And let him be. A few min later he came to me saying "mana, where's nummy." "Mickey"  Chris took him back to the bed, showed him nummy was in bed and we didn't see him again! 
Not sure we will continue to push it, but baby steps! 

They grow too fast!

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