Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mommy at daycare

I I say often that I love being a working mom, which is true.  But there are days like today that I wish I was home loving on my boys!!

Last Wednesday my Liam had a field trip to the City. I decided since he was so close to my work I would join him.
We went to the planetarium.  It was an amazing experience. My daddy always has loved the stars. He took me to star parties growing up, and one year Santa clause brought me a telescope.

I loved getting a day with my little man! However it did make me a bit sad my boys spend all day apart at daycare!
One of the sweet little girls sad. "You should buy a job here, and play with us everyday!" Made my heart melt!
Thank you to all the amazing stay at home moms who do all that running around! Thank you to all the dads that work their tails off to have their wife's home with kids. And the biggest thank you to amazing daycare that allows me and my husband to love our work and be a stay at home parents (on nights and weekends!)!
Such a blessing 
Today he came back to another place just by my work again and I got to play to my hearts content.  I have an amazing boss that allowed me to take a long lunch to play mommy!!

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