Sunday, July 26, 2015

When life doesn't go your way!

I was hoping to be back to my post a day blogging this week, however that's not the case!
I work in the finance industry and took my series 66 (investment adviser) exam yesterday.... That's why I haven't been posting, and well..... I didn't pass. I was at first completely devastated and wanted to curl up in a ball and cry! So I did! For a bit then wiped myself off and got back up! Thanks to an amazing husband, friends, sushi and the best boys in the world! I'm up and ready to face the world!
There is a very high chance they will allow me to take the test again in 30 days.. So I'm back to re reading the study material. But I'm gonna try to blog, be mommy, clean house and be the wife my hubby deserves! I've been all me me me and Mia at home. Now time to try and do it all!!

Regardless of all the stress and studying. I do have some amazing memories from the last 3 weeks!!!
Ewan thought "sir reads a lot" should help me story!
Studying while watching Elmo!
Break time to get the boys buil a bear. Chewie for Ewan and toothless for Liam
Floating the river on our family summer vacation! (Of which my books got more attention then anything else!)
And as always!! Letting the boys drive!!!
-FYI there are no keys and the car is parked safely in the garage!-

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