Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Basketball Hoop

Ever since hubby was little he has LOVED Basketball.  We have talked for years about getting a fully stationary hoop.  I wanted just one that would stay there and we could move around, 
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however, by living where we do the wind blows ALOT!!
Image result for basketball hoops blown over
This is a normal vision in our neighborhood.  So my hubby convinced me differently. 

At this time of year many hoops are on sale, and Chris LOVES this one. 
MAMMOTH 54"...

After we bought the hoop we looked through the instructions.  And started with a big 4ft deep hole by 24 in and 24 in whole.
We had far too much fun! 


Ewan was not a big fan of the deep whole, but he is still SO CUTE!!


And found out we needed to buy 21 bags of 60 lb concrete and filled up the whole. Added this kit, which came with our basketball hoop and got things solid! 
Anchor Kit for Mammoth Basketball Hoop System

Now putting it all together and building it!

We had some amazing neighbors come over so I didn't get a pic of that part! 

Here is my BEAUTY all done!!! 

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