Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Playroom project 1 (Planning)

I started this post a few months ago.. and WOW things change! :D

August 2015
I am a project person! ;) if you can't tell. I always have new ideas and projects, the follow through however isn't the best.
My goal for this fall is to get our boys playroom finished. Our basement is unfinished and the basement is COLD!! 
I've given Chris a few parts that I need him to complete 
1: duct work 
2: electrical
3: framing
So nothing big right!!! ;) 
Once that part is done we will get it painted carpeted and decorated! 
I have the perfect picture in my mind of what I want it to be when all is done!
My goal is that for New Years when we have our friends all together we will have a place for all the kids to play that is safe and warm!!

NOW: October 22, 2015
I really wanted to finish the basement bedroom this year, as you can see above.  However after looking into all the details I learned something... IT IS HARD, EXPENSIVE, and slightly Silly. We want to get the whole place done in a few years, however deciding to do one single room 10 ft x13 ft, it was gonna be a whole bunch of work and honestly I think when we decide to do the basement we should do it all at ONCE!!! Looking at HVAC, Electrical and framing, it seems its better to do it all at one time, and honestly once you have done that, might as well do the sheet rock.  So pretty much, if you give a mouse a cookie....
    Image result for if you give a mouse a cookie

We decided we wanted to get Liam a TV for his birthday or Christmas. 
YES YOU CAN TELL ME HOW I FAIL AS A PARENT! but hey! they are my kids and I get to choose how to raise them :) 
I also wanted to limit the size of the playroom.  Last week I spent my weekend cleaning up the playroom, and decided they don't need that much space, and by limiting the space a small space heater will do a great job of keeping it warm for them. 

So I made a cute mood board, and this one is still a work in process, but here it is for now. 

As you can see this was before I decided to NOT finish. So the paint/carpet will be a work in progress! 

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  1. Progress is good.... I love the book, If you give a mouse a cookie.