Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Boy Room 3 (Frames)

I will always remember the dress I came home from the hospital in. Not in the way that I remember that day, but I have a sweet picture of me in my blue and white dress that my daddy bought for me to come home in.  When I was little I used to dress my little cabbage patch doll in that dress. It was very meaningful to me that my dad bought the dress and I have treasured it for many years. 

I decided that I wanted my kids to have the same opportunities I have been able to have so their hospital clothes were very important to me.  Shortly after I found out that my first (Liam) was a boy I went shopping. I knew I wanted real clothes (as in not a sleeper). I found the perfect blue mickey mouse jumper.  And shoes! You can't leave the hospital without shoes! :D Then I found these on pintrest! Yes it is an addiction! 
I knew that this was something I was gonna need for my kids. So i've had the idea in my head for along time, but no action had been taken.  
Then with my second (Ewan) sadly second kids get the short end of the stick.  A few days before he was born I knew I needed to get him his own special outfit and as luck would have it I found a perfect Red Mickey shirt with cute little TINY pants! Once again he needed shoes too.  
I've had the closes in the boys dresser and finally decided about a 4 months ago that I wanted to get them done before I lost them. I found a cheap pair of shadow boxes and bought them. I also printed a few photos to put in the frames as well.   
Stuck them in the frames and left them.  They sat behind the boys closet for a while then I decided to add another project. OF COURSE before I finished the first. 

Chris was baptized as a baby in the catholic church in this sweet little jumper that his great grandma sharp made for him.  She made the jumper, shirt and amazingly beautiful blanket! 
Both of our boys where then baptized in this sweet outfit. I wanted to make sure it is safe since it is such an amazing piece of artwork. 
On this one I opted to not go for the cheap frame since I knew i wanted it to fit the whole blanket as well. I also plan to put images of my 3 boys in this beautiful frame at the top.

Once I got that done it motivated me to hang the other frames.

I still need to finish the last touches on them but I think it looks pretty good. 
What do you think?

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  1. I think they are beautiful. My kids baby clothes are still in a box. I like what you did with yours.