Monday, October 19, 2015

Boys room 1 (Planning)

Since we moved in our house I've been hoping to slowly but steadily put rooms together one by one.  The boys room has been of interest to me for some time.   I have built modboard after board thinking about how to make it perfect!!

Pinterest has also been an asset/curse here!
Shortly after we got into our home I had plans of Ewan sleeping in a big kid bed. Here he is 3 yr old, and well..... 

With no desire to get into the bed. :(

I got the boys bunk beds and they were great when we had my friends little lady sleep over but since then, it's just another place to play! 
Here is the room pre projects!!

There are a few things on the wall, but now that mom has control things are gonna change!!!

Here is the mood board up to this point,

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