Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Boys room 2 (quilt and paint)

So I had a big post about Ewans quilt but forgot to post about Liams! So here are some of the pics I took of Liams quilt!

Also hand in had with that is painting the bed.
Ewan had to help and was amazing as always!
Primed. I used this
Zinsser 1 gal. White Cover Stain Interior/Exterior Primer and Sealer
and then ran out of the little quart I got. My local HD didnt have the gallon and then I had to go with something different.  I used this (kilz)for the rest.   
TOTALLY use the Zinsserand not the second. 
I used oil based primer, and would totally recommended it.  With the help if the amazing Organizing Jen

I also found somewhere online that you CAN use Oil Based Primmer with Water based paint, however do NOT do the opposite.  

Ever since we helped my inlaws paint last year we are HOOKED on Sherwin Williams paint!

To get the perfect color Ewan and I took a fun trip to Ikea, and got a few shelf's then I went into our local Sherwin store and they found a match for me.  I now plan to put those shelf's in the play room. One room at a time I'm taking over my house and making it OUR HOME! 

The sweet worker was very worried about the darkness of my choice, he was worried it would be too dark.  However its on a bed. on a wall, yes I think it would be way too dark, but perfect for my little boys bed!
The paint went on like butter and I will also now and FOREVER recommend it!

For a pop of color I got 2 cans of spray paint, one red and one blue they were to match the back of each of the boys quilts.  I love the pop!

My favorite memory from this experience will be when I picked up Liam from school and brought him home he saw the bed and said. "Mom, I wanted the WHOLE THING RED!" I told him that was gonna be too much so we need to keep some brown.  He was NOT happy!! "Can we sometime paint it all red?" I told him we will see how the brown goes and then decide!  I so love my boys at this age!

And my favorites!  BEFORE AND AFTER! 

It's quite amazing what a coat of paint can do!

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