Sunday, August 23, 2015

Back to School! Originization!

My older boy started 2nd grade! OMG why does he have to grow so fast?!
On that note there are many things that I try to do to keep live calm and cool....
Also a side note, I had planned to do my 31 day clean out, well that's on pause until Sept!
I have always loved Jen's school boxes she has for her boys! And she just posted a friend's example as well.
This last year I started my own version.  It is simple and easy for days when he is in school.
However now that we are 2 years into the process time to put it into a view able design!

This is my plan!

- I like books that are viewable so I hope to start with 1 in binders and depending on how far that gets me each book will be 1-2 years of school.

Also another aspect I want to add is getting a set homework place.

We bought a super fancy desk from my sister quite a few years ago, and we have yet to get much use out of it.   We have a lap top and that normally lived under the couch in our family room.  However now with both Chris and I studying for very important work tests.  I spent the end of last week cleaning out, organizing purging and making this!!

I am super sad I didn't take any photos mid project.  However it was NOT something I was proud of.  I am now very proud and Love getting to spend time sitting at my desk, studying.  I also hope to have this be a great place for Liam to focus (the kitchen table isn't good for that) and with the piano bench there too it gives a good option for mom or dad to come check on the work.

It is not a huge jump but defiantly a step in the right direction.   BABY STEPS.. RIGHT? lol

I have many other projects for this room on my list.
-getting rid of all the nick nacks
-cleaning off and beautifying the book case

and MANY hopefully not too many years from now, clean out the closet.  For now it is where my scrapbook supplies have gone to die.  Since I discovered mixbooks I just have NO desire to stick stickers to a page.  Hopefully I'll get some motivation for that.  However for now.. Im super excited about my new work space!

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  1. AC/DC have a box where I put all my favorites. Keeps it all together. As for the scrapbook Burial ground. I too have a small one but have decided to leg my kiddos have my stickers and they love them. The paper I do use on occasion.