Monday, August 17, 2015

Life! Another 4 letter word!

So I have more then a million things to be greatful for.... And amongst them all I'm a bit overwhelmed!!!

-studying for try #2 at my much needed test.
-officially starting my new job at work.
-working 10 hr days (after working 8s for so long)
-back to school and homework 
-Chris starting his new job in a matter of days!!! 

So really nothing much going on today! 

With all that stress piling up me. Something to be greatful for! My new awsome boss bought each of us newbeys the book. Strengths focus 2.0 I've always been obsessive with self help books, but right now that is so far down on my want to list. But I read the 30 or so required pages. Took the test and sent off my results to him as per request.

No day was not a good put it nicely! I was DONE by about 3. My manager came over talked to me heart to heart! 
After our little chat he said something like "I hope I was positive enough for you!"
I look at him for a minute, and he said. "I'm really passionate about the strengths finder so I'm trying to make sure I learn a few things about how I can motivate you in a way that fits you!"

I felt slightly played... Lol!! But at the same time... It was good to know I have a boss who is willing to go out of his way to meet me at my strengths and build me up!

Now just need the numbers and test score to keep it!!!

And more then anything to keep life in check.. I come home to smiling little boys.. So some reading and flash cards.... 

And never forget sometimes sitting with my almost not so little baby in my lap watching teletubies is just what this mommy needed!!!
And when it really comes down to it! Having a husband that knows my strengths understands my struggles and motivates me no matter what!!!

Yes still a horrible, awlful, no good, very bad day... And time for bed!! 

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