Friday, September 4, 2015

Let's try new things!

I consider myself a pretty outgoing person. I have tried a few things in my time, but now time to try something new.
I know my way around a sewing machine. I've done hand work and wouldn't call myself a novice, however I wouldn't be an expert either.
I made this a few years back. 

However it's been about 3 yr since I last sewn something. 
As I have already posted I want to personalize the boys room so the more I think about that the more ideas go in my head.
I found some nice bedding at home goods a few weeks ago, however at $40 a pop and needing 2, the flame sizzled quickly. 

They each have blankets of their own, and really up to this point don't care much. (Much to mothers dismay) so spending $80 for decore wasn't gonna happen.
As I've started the baby steps of their rooms the bedding kept picking at me. 
Needless to say I caved.... But not in my normal way. I decided to do it and make it million times more difficult and likely much more expensive. 
I'm going to make my boys quilts!
Yes I know how crazy that is....
My friend at work makes quilts rather regularly so we talked a bit and I made a plan.
I know it will cost more then buying the ones I found at the store, but these will be all my boys, through and through! 

I enjoyed looking over Pinterest and found this pattern!!
I'm thinking red black and grey for Liam.
And blues for Ewan! 
I had a beautiful picture in my mind!!! So....
I pulled up pintrest to show Liam what my plan was.... And he saw this image.

My hopes and plans for matching/same pattern quilts flew out the window!! Which is totally fine with this momma. He is ecstatic!!! 

Here are my patterns for the boys.

I have a lot of cutting sewing working and loving ahead of me. 

I always thought quilting never made a lot of scene. Take a square of fabric, cut it into pieces and end up with a square of fabric!! :) yep and here we go!!!!

Because of liams very much personalized quilt, I decided, what the heck, if I'm gonna spend so much time and money on ewans too... Let's make it all him too. 
So I'm sticking to the pattern, but I've started shopping for fabric!!!

So far I've picked out a few!!


I'm sticking with super simple and easy! Since minecraft is simplistic I think the fabric Should be too

Then I'm planning for soft comfy minky for the back!!
I'll do blue for Ewan. Not sold on the shade yet.
However not sure what to do for liams!!!! Thoughts??
I'm thinkin the red or grey!! Thoughts?

So I'll get the minky I think online unless I can find a killer deal somewhere else!!

Wish me luck!!


  1. Looks pretty fun. I was so proud of the little things I made for AC/DC but I have to admit all the times I have washed them I have seen where my stiching came out.
    As for Liams back color. All for Red, minky is so soft but leaves the most annoying fuzzes when cutting and seeing it. Not mention it is slippery. Good luck sissy

  2. Thanks!! I've been having so much fun with it. So far im not worried about the stitching, I'm REALLY good at back stitching. Also I'm not sure if I will quilt it myself or pay someone to do it. :S we will see.