Sunday, September 20, 2015


I've been so blog hungry for such a long time. Now I have an outlet and what do I do? I start projects!! Way more than any normal person should....oops I'm not normal!!!
I'm still going away at the quilt and LOVING it. It is far from perfect! A great first experience for me. 

However so far what I have learned for my next quilt... More measuring, more pinning, and much slower stiches! However that being said I love it.... And the best part of all Ewan loves it!!

So that's one project... Project #2 is that beds!!
For those who follow me on Instagram, I posted a few days ago the finished quilt top on half of the bunk bed. 
The other half was sitting in my garage covered in primer. I am, nor ever will be a painting type. Stain YES please!!! However due to the material of the bed, stain was not an option.
Ewan helped me prime and we had a blast! Now both bunks are currently living in the garage, fully primed and no place to go.  I'm still working out how to match my color, but for now, I'm enjoying my progress and loving getting to share this with my boys!!! 

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