Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The years of making our house a home!

We were moved back into our house and it was time to make it ours. We were ready to try for baby #2 so I decided to make use out of our basement and turned it into a play room for my Liam for Christmas! It was beautiful! We got new carpet and it was a perfect place for him to play. It was a great addition. We started to fix up things here and there, namely the microwave and faucet. They were both broken and a pain to use so we got the micro for Christmas and the faucet for Mother's Day!
Summer of 2013 we made the biggest upgrade of all. We had a very small backyard with an annoying tree. We talked with the hoa and were able to get the tree removed. We demolished the deck and made something beautiful! It took us about 2 months, but when all was said and done, we were so happy we did it and would spend all evenings and weekends outside!
It was our outside oasis!!!

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