Thursday, April 3, 2014

Our First Home

After working with Woodside for a few months and moving in with Chris' parents (Jan 2007) we found out that one of Dan's friends, friend was selling his town house.  We had already put down money on our house in North Salt Lake, so we weren't sure what we could do.
We thought about driving by, but we just never made around to it.
I feel that was a blessing in disCize because the house looked like this

Not bad, but not great either. I had second thoughts but we already had an appointment so we needed to at least look at it.
I walked in the door and fell in love!! 
A huge comfortable fitting home for less then the build. We could guarantee being in the house before Liam was born, so that made this little almost mommy happy!!!

The next day we went to office max to get a contract and got it all signed.
It was about March and we decided to close on Chris' birthday may 30.

We went and met with woodside, told them I was pregnant and that we were worried about being able to close. They hadn't even poured the foundation. We assumed we would be out our $3,000 enerest money, which would suck but nothing we could do about it. 
Their sales agent ended up working it out so we could get our money back which was a huge relief!

We were able to have more money piled up since I knew I would be quitting when I had our baby.

They guy we were buying from was building a house so we were flexible with moving in, but I really wanted to be in. Before my Liam was here.
Because of the big belly we hired movers. Best choice EVER!! ;) 
Also I was in a total nesting mood so I had all our house unpacked within about a month. And that ment every single cardboard box was gone!! :)

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