Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ashten goes house looking.....

I have a habit of constantly looking at houses. It is my favorite thing to do! See what is on the mls and day dream! I found a houses that was beautiful. I convinced my hubby to go look at it with me. We called the listing agent, because well we didn't want to bug our realtor  because we were just looking for fun.
We saw 2 homes that day, and on the drive home, we were ready to make an offer! Just like that! 
OH!! But wait our house isn't even on the market. We weren't even sure we could sale.  We spent the next few days getting our house ready and on the market, and we, with our realtor got in an offer. They accepted with the contingency! 
We listed on a Monday, and we heard nothing. On Tuesday they did the realtor show and from what I can remember we didn't really get any advice. 
We twiddled our thumbs and then showed the house I think 2 or so times that week. Week 2 on Tuesday we got an offer!!! A real legit offer, with no contingency!! We countered and they accepted. We were really selling our house. We got 2 nibbles after that, so we really had a piece of mind that we would be selling!!! 
We began to pack up and Donna (our realtor) had it all planned out so we could move straight from one house to the other.
The inspection and appraisal on our house went perfect, then we had our new house inspected, there were a few things that needed fixing, and we had the stucco bid out to make it work. It was pretty good...until... The appraisal. Dun dn dun!!!!! The house was 500 sq feet less then they had listed. We really wanted a 3,000 sq foot house this was now 2,800ish. Way less then we had hopped for. We still loved the house, but the cost per sq foot was really high. I also started to notice the imperfections what I was going to need to change/ switch and alter to make it my way. It added up quickly and we started to counter. I can't remember the details but long story short we didn't buy it. They listed it again and it just wasn't our dream anymore...oh but wait. We were still selling our house in a matter of days.
I started to look into apartments, however most of them cost the same as our old mortgage.
We talked with Chris parents and they said we could move in.  I love my inlaws but there is something nice about having a place of your own.  

We closed on our townhouse in the end of October and moved all our STUFF into storage, and the last few little items into my inlaws basement.  
READY SET GO!!! on our next journey

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