Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Here goes nothing!

The winter of 2009 I applied for a job I was so under qualified for, but it sounded like a good experience. So I applied for the supervisor in Brigham City and got it! I then was driving an hour north while Chris was driving 45 min south. The job was really hard and in April I was able to transfer to Ogden and the stars alined and Chris got the Brigham job.
Before long that commute got OLD!! 
We decided it was time to move!! 
Jason got us in touch with a BEAUTIFUL builder. Castle creek homes. We decided to put our house on the market and get started planning to build!
The sales guy from castle creek was listing it for free! We were ecstatic!! 
Chris took some photos and we got on the market. 
With shady we tried to get her out of the house for each showing which was a challenge. 
After a showing a week for the first six months, we started to get tried of keeping the house on the market, and I kept driving by our lot every few days. 
We opted to go with our friends realtor for the next 6 months. Lots of nibbles but no bites. After about a showing a week for the next 6 months again (total of 1 year) we were about timed out. 
We planned to go back with the castle creek realtor when our realtor offerd to match his cost.
We got a bite!! It was so exciting!! We had the appraisal and everything was going perfect. Their house was under contract so it was just a matter of time. 
The sale of their house fell through!!! :( to say we were heart broken was an understatement. I was so tired of being on the market with a now 3 yr old. It's impossible to keep a house clean! 
Things were going our way, we got another offer! It was perfect the inspection required us to fix a few things, but we didn't care! We were passed ready! We were a few weeks from closing when they had the appraisal. It came back about $10,000 less then the agreed price! We were so heart broken and frustrated! It had been less then 45 days from our last one which appraised perfect! We were crushed!!  Our neighbor put her house on the market for a huge loss ( in our opinion) and sold quickly, so we had to pull our house off for at least 3 months or it would be a comp and drop the price of our house. 
We decided it was time to move back in our house and make the most of it. We did a few things with the basement and garage to make it feel more like ours, but it was still hard! 

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