Monday, April 14, 2014

Finding a Home

After feeling beaten up and kicked down, we had to try to bounce back and find somewhere to live.  So much easier said then done.  We found one that chris really loved.  I liked it, but it was more then I wanted to spend.  We put in an offer, however they did not accept it because we needed help from them to close (with regards to the money).  We did not make as much as we had wanted to on the sell of our last home.

We would look from time to time, but we have very high expectations and nothing was meeting our wants.
We started to slowly look into building but no matter what we couldn't find a house a builder NOTHING that would work for us.  I (like usual) would make list after list after list to figure out what we wanted what we didn't.  I would ask chris CONSTANTLY what he wanted, he would explain i told you yesterday, but I had to hear the answers just a few more times!!

While at work one day, one of our old maintenance guys came in and said he was working for a builder, "called Lodders".  They build in our area and I have tried calling them a few times, but they didnt have any lots available. :( He said they had 2 lots available right I called them that day.

We opted to put down some money on a lot we had 90 days to figure out what we wanted to do, so that was a good place to be. 

I still continued to look at houses all the time, because I was not sure if I was ready to wait to build. 

In this barber house, we can never just do 1 thing at a time.  We have been out of our house for about 2 months and lots was happening.  It was CHRISTMAS TIME.....  I finished up my last semester of COLLEGE and GRADUATED!!! and decided it was time to find myself a new job.   A few months before I had met someone at Liam's school that works where I want to work so I started thinking about a change.

Buying a house, and getting a new job dont go hand in hand very well.  I interviewed and a few days after Jan 1 I was offered a job.  We decided that it was time for my dreams to come true...oh and well..... Our loan lady told us we would need me to be in my new job for about 6 months before we could close.  That was scary but what we had.  I loved my offer and I was NOT going to turn it down.  

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