Sunday, January 31, 2016

The life-changing magic of tidying up

Sadly this book did NOT help with the Magic of how to clear my driveway!  Needless to say there are some other fantastic Ideas in here.

This is going to be a slow going process of me cleaning out my house one step at a time.  "Rome wasn't built in a day" Therefore Barber Dream House, will not be organized in one either!
This book has been all over the internet for the last year or two.
I love to blog stock, and play on pintrest so I saw different things.
-You should thank your clothes and send them on their way.  Is it a bad sign that I didn't see that as odd ?

Maybe I should be tested

My sweet Chris gave it to me for christmas,  no he is not giving me a hit, I asked for the book, and no hit was necessary I know I have a hard time getting rid of things.

When Chris and I first got together he used to tease me all the time.  THROW IT AWAY. Was a normal phrase he told me when I wasn't sure what to do with something. We have come along way.  But if you look back to these images.


We have a PROBLEM.  2 moving trucks. Granted we did have a pool table taking up the majority of one, but still NO GOOD.

Knowing we plan to make this our FOREVER HOME also makes me realize I better start purging now or our stuff will over run us, and quick.

I honestly LOVE the book.  I know there are things that I am going to struggle with as I go through step by step, but I know it is for the best and I will end with a beautiful home that I can keep clean and tidy by just doing a few things everyday!

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