Sunday, January 24, 2016

100 SAY WHAT!!

So crazy thing about blogging it just gets away from you.  As I have been working on some things since the beginning of the year I thought well I have alot to say maybe I'll build up a few posts then once I get pics ready to upload do them one at a time.  So thats still in the making. But here I am 100 posts since I began.  Wow our house sure looks a WHOLE lot different

Step One

To NOW!! before it was all covered in snow

House as been quite a journey, however thats not the only thing thats changed in our lives over the last 99 posts.
Chris has a new job where I work and we are both working hard and lots of OT to get stuff ready for summer projects and maybe a family vacation.  
I have started on some personal journeys, with my new years resolution. :P and I just completed the book The life changing magic of tidying up. Add that to this blog with my hopes of making our house into our prefect DREAM house.  I think these posts really have built me and this blog into what I want for my home!`


  1. Progress is exciting to watch. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love it! And feel less hibernation, Sundays may be my new blogging day! :D