Sunday, January 10, 2016

Real Life resolutions

#1 resolution nation wide is to loose weight!
I'm a money person and just like dieting we all know what to do and how to do it. It is the doing it that is the problem.
Many who know me think of me as normal!!! (What the heck is that!!) I've always been normal height normal weight etc!
When I had my boys I made a goal to myself to never weigh over 150 lbs. dumb maybe, but I worried about it.
After kid one I had some serious un diagnosed post partum. 
Fast forward 5 years later and kid #2, needless to say postpartum was much worse this time around.
Needless to say when dealing with that personal health and weight are far down on the list.
I didn't own a scale but if I were to guess I was prob hovering around 100 lbs at that time. About 8 weeks after having my 2nd kid. I weight 149 lbs the day I delivered and he 6lbs and 3 oz.
I had the most amazing support system and made an awesome recovery. Here I am approx 3 yr later, and now ready to face anothe challenge head on. 
I know that where I am in the weight department isn't crazy, but to me, after growing up "normal" it sucks to have s physical and told you are overweight!!

I started a personal challenge to myself on January 1st!!! Yeah for stereotypes!!! 
I went about mine a little out of the ordinary! (FYI! I'm not ordinary!) 
I knew when I had surgery last year I had hovered around 150 lbs.  When I committed to myself I was gonna change, I bought a scale!!! (Euck) and reality sunk it. January 1. 158.6 lbs!!! Wtf where did those 8 lbs come from. 
Needless to say I was quite disappointed to find out that my challenge just oft harder. 
I started with a very obtainable goal, write down everything I eat. This is a well known weight loss help is to know what you are putting in your mouth. I didn't stop myself from eating anything, just had to write it down. I also started a bad habit that I'm going to try to stop. But it is to weigh myself each morning. The first week was awesome!!! I knew those 8 lbs had to be a combo of eating too much and holiday blagh!!! For a week straight I lost weight, and did nothing but keep track of what I ate. 
Today was a step backwards. Not really in a real way but in a way that kinda punched me back into reality. I like to live in the clouds!! ⛅️ 
I for the first time in a week when my up in weight. I know that is normal for people who exersise, however for me at this point, all I do is write down what I eat! And yesterday I ate the least amount of calories I had in a long time, but I know that's not good either.
I could have started today on step two, but why do that when you can have a donut at church and champagne while reading!
Tomorrow starts step two. I make very small steps!! I will try to keep the fat and sugar I put in my body to a minimum, an di will start doing the silly target 5 min work out from my app.
I did that work out last Monday and was stil sore on Wednesday. I did it again today and by the time I was done my body was on strike!! I'm hoping I'll be able to build up to do that daily and then once it gets warm again get out biking!


  1. Dear sister, I recommend cutting down on sugar especially liquid or added to regular food.

    1. I defiantly need to take a page from your book. I don't drink much other then water and coffee, but I love sweet food so that is something I can do!

  2. Hugs normal is a setting on the drier. I loved zumba when Kathy was my teacher. Now I use karate, burns more calories than zumba. Cheering for you.

    1. Thanks! I feel I spend so much time in the car or at work I like to cherish the moments at home. But so far I'm doing pretty good!