Friday, January 29, 2016

Baby It's Cold Outside!

As a kid I remember shoveling snow with my dad.  It was amazing.  When I got cold or tired, I would go inside get warmed up, some times drink hot coca, and SUDDENLY the whole drive way was clear IT WAS MAGIC!!
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Now as an adult once again in a North Facing House (No clue how chris talked me into that one) When I go in after getting tired and cold, I come inside and the driveway is NOT CLEAR!!! I want the Magic back!!  (daddy can't you just come every time it snows and shovel with me)!
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I do however love to shovel the snow.  Chris grew up in a south facing house with a snow blower, I don't feel like he got the WHOLE FEELING of growing up with a dangerous driveway!
We were super blessed our first year in our house. We only really had 2 snow storms and they cleaned up nice and easy.  This year however is the TOTAL opposite, It is totally making up for the easy year last year.  It is great for our mountains and rivers and lakes that need the water and so we can have a beautiful Green lawn this summer, HOWEVER right now I think I should win a prize!
Shoveling is HARD WORK!! and anyone out there that thinks a 3rd car garage and RV pad sounds like a good idea. Walk away SLOWLY! it is NOT! ;)
Chris is pushing me to fork out the money for a snow blower, however I think I'll keep building up my arm muscles and Work my best to keep my back safe.  Maybe another year! 

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