Friday, May 9, 2014

Picking out Lights

Picking out lights is STRESSFUL!!!
We received 3 books of lights from our electrician.(Genny)
I know there are lots of lights and choices but OMH TOO MANY CHOICES!!!! Wait did i just say that?
When we planned out the plans of the house we went through each room of the house and picked out where the lights would be so it was pretty easy to know what lights we would need.
For the main rooms we would have mostly can lights but there was still alot to pick out
 Our amazing Genny gave us the idea to do a few things more and we ended up deciding to add some sconses next to the fireplace. So thats what these photos are.  Chris has always loved brining the outside in, so with our rock fireplace we wanted to add alittle more outdoor feel.
 We also planned to have some pendents hanging over our island so we needed those to match the one over the kitchen table and possibly the entry.
 Here were some of our first ideas!
 We are fan people  I know some aren't, but chris is really good at setting off the smoke alarm when he cooks so a fan is a necessity in the main living area. and once you have a fan in a master you will NEVER GO BACK!!!
The fan aboove is my FAVORATE!!! normally fans have 5 blades and this one has 6.  Doesnt look alot different but it definatly has a style all its own.   And something I had never thought or seen before was an uplight.  This has an uplight! PERFECT for our familyroom!
These fans are SO beautiful!!! They once again have an uplight and have a choice to add a down light too. Perfect for the master! 
However the prior one was quickly lost beautify to this one! 
We live in a VERY windy area.  And we wanted to put a fan on our patio.  We were cautioned time and time again, so we picked this unique industrial one to hopefully stand up to the wind.  

OMH lights are EXPENSIVE!!!
Please excuse my hand written notes. If you cant tell the lights we had picked out the sconces were about $200 each, fans were between $200-400, pendents $70ish, dining light $330 and bathroom lights $100-200.  OUCH!! :( 

We then starting looking at other options. 
ENTER big box hardware stores! 

And soon we learned that even their lights were expensive too. 
Challenge time, find lights to fit in budget or find more money!! 

We sure have our work cut out for us.  Any ideas?

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