Sunday, May 25, 2014

Colors: Rock

Since I am in a new job it is pretty much IMPOSSIBLE for me to get any time off during the week.  That part of building a house is NOT EASY!!
Wonderful Chris went to the rock place to pick out everything ALL ON HIS OWN!!! 
He was NOT a fan of this process so I received the following pics by text while sitting in training.

We knew we wanted to use dark stucco so we were able to get samples from the builder so we had something to go off.  The dark is the main color and the light is the trim. 

Then it was on to picking out rock.  I had played on their website ALOT and picked out a few things I liked, but once seeing them in person, Chris knew they weren't right for us.

ALL THE SAME ROCK!!! ahh pictures dont give stuff a true color. Which made picking TOUGH!


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