Wednesday, May 21, 2014


In our first house everything came with the house, and we left our appliances (the buyers asked for them and they were paying what we wanted.)
So now we are looking for a fridge.
My sweet hubby loves the best of the best. :) which is why he married me (JK that was a really bad joke) but we have been looking at fridges for years.  We have been dreaming of a fridge we get to pick out!! :)

This is my Favoriate!
It is Whirlpool
Model # WRX735SDBM
It is a 25 cubic ft french door refrigerator. 
It has fench doors and 2 drawers at the bottom.
The top one is used with the fridge
it has a seprate place for water and ice, and the ice holder is NOT in the door!!
It is about $1,900-$2,100 est (ive been watching for a bit)
This one is Chris's favorate!


No real shock here! :)
It is 28 cubic ft french door refidgorator.
It also has the 2 drawers at the bottome.
This only has one place with 2 levers one for ice one for water.
The ice is NOT in the door (YEAH!!)
This one however has a different price tag.  The cheapest I have found is about $2,800 however the average is closer to $3,200
So we will see :(

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