Monday, May 26, 2014

Flooring Colors!

I finally got a list from the builder of where we go to pick out colors.  We know we want dark comfy carpet and that was a super easy choice and decided within 10 min of getting to Kay Riley. 
Now if only all of the other colors were that easy to pick out.

It looks alittle different in each pic. but the first one looks most like what I have. 

Wood Floor

I wish I could say that all of our selections were that easy.  Wood floor was NOT.
We knew we wanted dark floors and we wanted them strong but that was the most difficult decision! 


After looking and many days we opted for this type.  It is a dark wood with some texture.  Knowing our boys and dog we wanted to make sure that the wear and tare wouldn't destroy it. 

Tile Selection
We are unsure of what our budget is for tile at this point, but we picked out some basic plain colors at this point and will pick out specifics soon. 

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