Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Self help

I love self help books!! Like big time I've always felt that by reading these books I get to learn new things, grow as a person etc. Back when that one series with vampires and werewolves.... Yep read all 4 in a matter of weeks amidst a full time job, a kid, and going to school full time. Fast forward about 5 yr, no school still reading a bit here and there. Always my self help books, that normally I carry around for a month or so, kinda read but sometimes just get bored. 
For Christmas I asked for the hunger games books, got the first one and read it in about a day, then barrowed the other two from my sister and read them just about as fast. It was a fun escape, but nothing fancy. 
So I've been going to the library with Liam to get some books. I picked up some self help books for me, and grabbed a fiction book from the big girl section. I started reading it, but was very bored by the main character, so I read the self help. A few weeks later we needed to return the books, and I challenged Liam to get some new ones. I tried to do the same. I walked around and around, and found the young adult section!!!! I found the divergent book  checked it out and started reading it they night. Needless to say. I am a fan of young adult fiction:... I read the book in about a day, finished it sunday morning, and was heart broken! Library is closed on Sunday's and was closed in Monday for Presidents' Day! 
I got to the library today and got the next book, along with a stack of others. I have a feeling I'm going to need to start limiting myself on how much I can read!!!
I'm loving it!!!
Found my section!!!

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