Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Step two is the books I think that for me books are going to be a lot more difficult than she says they are. I went through my books not too long ago, athough for the boys that I'm going to need to go through so I decided to skip that step and move on to something else for now I started with the kitchen drawers of been driving me crazy for a very long time I went through them get rid of what needed to and more than anything just got it all done in one fell swoop so here's some pictures I hope you enjoy

The biggest problem I have is that we get lazy and rather then put stuff where it belongs i put it in these drawers. 
That's changing now!!

Left side 
Right side 

Before and after 

Main silverware drawer before

Knife drawer

I added a few house items which will prob make there way back to the kitchen, this is a good place to keep them!

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