Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Step One of tidying up is cleaning out the clothes she starts by taking all of the clothes in the home and placing them in one spot for me this just was not going to happen (with the boys, I felt it was necessary to do one person at a time) so I started with my room however if anyone knows me I am not a close person like at all!! I really don't care about clothes I wear them out of necessity and I have some great family members that make sure I stay clothed. (Thanks mother in law!)
She says to take your clothes and choose to put them back rather then choose to take some out it's the great starting point and because I have so few it was relatively easy to get my clothes finished then onto my boys really Chris is on his own for this project idea we go through clothes quite often however that really has to be his thing not mine so getting onto The little boys Liam's clothes are pretty much easy to go through they all pretty much fit and it was just a matter of doublechecking and folding at first I was not sure about her folding method it's some of them seemed a little crazy, but I decided to give it a try and see what Happens. on the other hand ewan has a huge amount of clothes and a very small dresser I kept all the clothes that I had with Liam and let them pile up now for ewan  which is really great for the most part.  I try to go through his clothes regularly and have a great neighbor across the street that I can drop boxes and bags off to that will get used as well so his clot his dresser was a little bit more in depth at first like I said I was really unsure about fulling I am now change my ways and even more of the stock method I thought as reading it going you are in saying she wants beautiful every socks and not just roll them so it's super simple I've changed I know crazy right so honestly take some time look over the book try things see what you think here's some pictures of my most recent projects and so far I am totally a fan

Ewans Dresser
 Liam's Dresser


  1. Thanks! I'm really enjoying it and I definitely recommend the book! Gives a whole new look out on life!

  2. There is a reason why it says life changing in the title. Way to go sis.