Sunday, June 8, 2014

WIRE Weekend!

One of Chris' favorite part about building was getting to do all of his own low voltage wiring for the house.
We would love to have a smart house, but not yet.  We are just prepping for it!
We are so grateful for the family and friend that helped us get our house wiring perfect!  In a matter of 2 days!

These pics dont even show the work justice!

We have 2 cat 6 and 2 coax in each bedroom, and cat 6 in any were that we would one day want to have a smart something.  Ie behind the fridge, the garage etc.

I think the hardest part was that since we have 9 ft ceilings we had to use taller ladders in the basement to get the little holes punched out. 

And Chris is so amazing so he also added 3 zones of speaker wire too.  This will control our stereo sound in our family room and also gives us the option to have sound in our master, main room and patio. 


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