Monday, June 2, 2014


I don't even know really where to start!

However I'm feeling so blessed, and I want everyone to know how greatful I am!!!
As you see our beautiful home popping up it is amazing to think of this amazing place we live. With wonderful friend and family!
Really!!! Who in their right mind would let myself my hubby our two boys AND our dog all come live with them for close to a YEAR!!!
That would be the one and only Dan and Jackie barber!!!
Adding too that!! My amazing parents that are the worlds biggest cheerleaders they are so proud of us and it is always a joy to talk to them, when I'm getting frustrated! They bring me back to reality. Which sometimes can be a difficult task!
As we have met some of our neighbors it is such a wonderful feeling to know that God has blessed us! We have an amazing family with wonderful friends and a beautiful home we will be able to raise our kids in!!

AND!! We will have a whole lot of fun doing it!!

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