Monday, June 9, 2014

Attic Adventure!

We don't watch much tv. And if we do we will not be the ones to pay for it... So in order to make that happen, we need a antenna. 
Since we are now at the electrical inspection time, it is time to instal our antenna. Much better before the ceiling is up and we have insulation to navigate!!

I climbed up on our pantry and climbed through the wall. You can see Chris' feet next to my head 

Here is my honey with the antenna he is amazing and gutzy!! 
This is the view from where I was sitting!! I truly live our house from every angle!!

Sad side note. Our antenna was NOT made to be attached to a 2x4 which is just sad!!!

After all that fun and games, we took the antenna down with us and will try again another day. 

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